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As promised I’m unpacking the 2nd word…ORDER!!

“Order” as a noun(which is how we’re using it here) is defined as:

“….the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method.”

Creating Order in your life is critical in maintaining balance & harmony..And who doesn’t want that 🙂

But what exactly does that mean in real-life? Most of us lead busy,chaotic lives. We struggle to balance family, work, friendships and other stuff yet we ultimately collapse under the weight of it all or reach for something external to prop us up…..

But there is a priority list to creating Order that can help.

Let’s start with this list in Order of importance :

  1. God/Higher power
  2. Self
  3. Everything Else

Are you surprised that you are 2nd on that short list..please don’t be. If you aren’t operating at your fullest, strongest, physical, emotional and spiritual  state then what good are you to #3?? People tend to put themselves at the bottom of their priority list, but I think this is a dangerous practice. We are in a much better position to serve others and live our purpose when our basic needs are met. And the best way to function at our maximum, best capacity is to tap into the rejuvenating power of our Creator./Source/Higher Power.

I hear you asking.. “But how do I put myself above my spouse,  kids or my job??”


You create harmony, balance and order from the inside out!!

Start by devoting time each day, whatever time works best for you, to be completely and  totally alone and uninterrupted. This is your daily “ME” time….a point during each day when you remove yourself from the busy-ness of kids, spouses, work and social media  to spend time praying, meditating, watching the sunrise or sunset, and quietly talking to your source and listening to what it has to say back to you.  The time when you simply connect with God/Higher Power and yourself to create an inner Order that will transcend and transform the outer chaos …. I find that 1st thing in the morning works best for me..before the day starts and the world is quiet.., but that’s just me. Whatever time you choose just make sure you have at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted solitude.  Setting this boundary (see what I did there) in your life will help make sure your ME time is free from distractions.

During this time simply relax…let go of all the worry, anxiety, and stress that burdens you and allow your spirit to connect with The Spirit ….You’ll find that some days you’ll want to cry, vent, write in your journal or read and sometimes you’ll want to just be still and listen … There is no 1 way to structure your ME time each day’ll know what’s right for your needs each day! The most important thing is to just do it consistently…

Creating inner Order won’t stop life’s storms from raging but it will help you sail through them 🙂

We’ll unpack Structure tomorrow… Until then Live, Love & Laugh on Purpose!!

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