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Hola lovebugs!! Sorry it has taken me so long to post the last installment, but with the Covid-19 pandemic altering the way we all do life right now I had to take care of some other priorities 1st!

As promised, the last installment of the Boundaries ,Order & Structure series.

Today, I’ll attempt to unpack Structure…the 3rd leg in the trio of words(and actions) that I believe are crucial in creating the  foundation for the harmonious, balanced and fulfilling life we all need and want!!

Structure is defined as: ..”construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to”

Lack of structure in life can lead to a disorderly life which can in turn lead to depression, anxiety,frustration and unnecessary stress.  Without structure your days are often more chaotic, appointments missed, things forgotten, lateness  among others things.

What exactly does it mean to have structure or to live a structured life?  Well, structure can be different for everyone, but generally it means having routines, making plans, setting goals and following through with them. It is making sure you make time for relaxation, spiritual maintenance, hobbies and fun stuff as well as the necessary things we have to do. Structure has often been confused with monotony or predictable, when it’s a simply a way to make sure you’re managing your time and tasks efficiently. Structure can and should be flexible as your needs and goals change but it should always be there to help bring you back to center when things start to spiral out of control.

But how do I establish or create this “structure”??  Glad you asked 🙂 

You can start by using a daily planner to organize your time/day, make a shopping list, delegate household tasks and go to bed on time (no matter what’s not done). Restful sleep is extra important to a structured lifestyle. Sleep is our bodies time to rest, repair and recover from the previous days activity.

Creating structure in your life is the cornerstone for living your best life.

Well lovebugs….Boundaries,Order & Structure, get some today!!!!

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