Finding value in the valley!!

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I pray you are all well and that your life cups are overflowing with joy & blessings!!
I want to talk about how you can find value in the valleys times of life.
Valley is defined as:
"a low point or interval in any process, representation, or situation.
any place, period, or situation that is filled with fear, gloom,foreboding, or the like"
Valley seasons are those times in life that are difficult, dry, unproductive and sometimes painful. They seem to last forever.  These valleys may be seasons of loneliness, seasons of lack, or seasons of fear, sadness or seasons when we  just feel like the universe is against us,
The good news is it's often during valley seasons that we experience tremendous growth if we can learn to see the value in the valley!!
How am I supposed to see value in pain, loss, loneliness or difficulties?? Glad you asked :)
The first and most important thing you can do is accept that valley times are inevitable and unavoidable. Everyone will go through them and even better you will come out of it!
Second, pray and use this time to grow your relationship with the God of your understanding. Ask for strength to endure it...whatever it is.
Third, begin to look past the emotions that your present circumstances bring and begin to try to see what the lessons are.  Perhaps you need to grow your patience, or maybe learn to be a better steward of your resources.
Valley times don't last always so hold on,  surround yourself with people who love you and can support you during this time, and be open to the lessons this season holds for you!
Peace & Love,
Kristin M.

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