Gemstones FAQ:

Q. How do I care for my jewelry?

A.  It is important to us that any jewelry purchased from Kristins' Crystal Kreations maintains its high quality throughout the years.  We recommend cleaning as often as needed using a soft cotton cloth for the gemstones and a soft polishing cloth on any metal parts to reduce tarnish.  Please keep in mind, due to personal skin pH levels and frequency of wear, some jewelry may tarnish more quickly for some.  Since exposure to air can also oxidize jewelry, we recommend storing jewelry in an air tight pouch, rather than keeping it exposed to air.  

Stretch bracelets : Do not pull on one end of the bracelet to stretch it over your hand to put it on and off. Instead, roll the beads over your hand and wrist, stretching the elastic as little as possible.  Do not wear your piece in the shower, pool, spa or ocean. Try not to catch your charm (if any) on anything that might pull or stretch the bracelet. Keep away from toddlers or pets :)  If you want to cleanse/clear your stones use sage,incense or put it on top of some clear quartz. DO NOT put in direct sunlight or submerge in salt water.

Q. Can I send the piece as a gift? 

A. Of course!! Just let us know that it is a gift and we will package it appropriately and not include price or billing info.

Q. Are the stones you use natural?

A. Kristins' Crystal Kreations pieces are natural gemstones paired with 14kt gold plated, sterling silver plated or sterling silver components. We strive to procure only ethically & sustainably sourced high grade natural, undyed or heated stones for our pieces. 

Q. I like a piece but it isn't in my size. Will you resize it?

A. Because our pieces are truly one-of-a-kind we can't resize a piece, but we can create a custom piece for you in your size using the same stones and your vision. See the Custom Jewelry page for more information about custom orders.

Q. Should I cleanse or clear my piece before wearing it?

A.  We endeavor to clear each piece before shipping but we're human so there there may be residual energy still stored in the stone. It's never a bad idea to cleanse/clear any new stone or stone jewelry you get from anywhere and charge it with your own intentions!

Q. I'm not sure of my wrist size??

A. Check out this chart

.Wrist Sizing